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Services For Consumers

Igor Krishtul and his associates provide diversified and multi-layered services in selected areas of financial and estate planning. His planning ideas are conservative, yet modern and innovative at the same time.

Tax preparation, long-term tax reduction strategies and IRS representation still remain an integral part of our services. Our Tax Advisory Unit's website – www.kcotaxunit.com – provides a more detailed information on taxes, IRS audits and collection, tax problem resolution and other tax related topics.

You could also greatly benefit by visiting our affiliated Insurance website.

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Services For Financial Professionals

We can provide many services that your firm is not suited to handle. We work with tax professionals, attorneys, real estate brokers and insurance professionals, among others.

At your option, we can work directly with your clients. We can also remain fully transparent.

Please get in touch to discover how you and your clients can benefit from our diversified high quality services.

This site is under major construction on its way to becoming the coolest personal financial and estate planning portal on the Internet. Please visit us often to stay on top of latest changes and updates.

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