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About This Site

This website was created for educational and informational purposes. The subject of financial and estate planning is very broad. It is also highly predatory. Consumers are frequently victimized by dishonest and unethical financial services providers.

One of the main goals here is to help the consumers to even the odds in their dealings with various financial services providers. But, the predatory service providers and salespeople are not the only hazards American citizens and residents face.

Estate planning, living trusts and probate have also become the areas of abuse. The predators here include living trust “mills”, legal practitioners, numerous advisors, as well as corrupt judges and politicians.

Today, many American taxpayers owe back taxes. Others are subjected to the dreaded IRS audits. A professional representation is frequently required in order to confront the IRS, state and local tax authorities on equal grounds.

This has created many opportunities for dishonest and unethical tax practitioners who are ready to take advantage of taxpayers’ desperation and fear of the IRS.

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About Igor K.

Igor Krishtul is a seasoned financial and estate planner. Igor provides services primarily in Metro New York and surrounding areas. He has nearly three decades of diversified experience in various areas of financial and estate planning.

Igor graduated from Baruch College in 1983, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree with major in Accounting. Shortly thereafter, he accepted an offer to work for the IRS as a Revenue Agent. This is where he received a unique training and practical experience in the IRS audits and related areas.

In 1987, Igor was admitted to represent the taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. He’s defending the taxpayers’ interests ever since. His tax preparation and IRS representation work has been steadily expanded into other important financial and estate planning areas.

Igor’s professional designations include Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). He’s also a NYS licensed insurance broker.

To get a better idea about Igor's areas of expertise, read his articles and take advantage of free reports and mini-courses available on this site.

This site is under major construction on its way to becoming the coolest personal financial and estate planning portal on the Internet. Please visit us often to stay on top of latest changes and updates.

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